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Saxophonist, composer, arranger Greg Yasinitsky created his YAZZ Band project as a laboratory for his contemporary, original big band compositions. Made up of mostly Pacific Northwest-based improvisors and ensemble veterans, 'New Normal' reflects the times when gathering as a group is not an option. Recorded ensemble tracks from before COVID-19 emerged were combined with recordings done in isolation from faraway outposts including Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, and Italy, allowing for some dynamic new musical options to be explored. From the blazing 'G. P. ' and 'Diva,' to the heartfelt 'Song for Laura,' or the funk of 'Blues for Brecker,' Yasinitsky's YAZZ Band offers a wide ranging set of hard-swinging and joyful original music. Tracks: 1. G.P. [8:10] 2. Song for Laura [5:30] 3. Blues for Brecker [6:28] 4. Blues for a King [7:32] 5. New Normal [7:11] 6. Diva [6:00] 7. Synergetic [5:57] 8. Hangtown Fry [5:59]

Yazz Band: New Normal - Gregory Yasinitsky

SKU: yazzband-001
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